Civic Arena, 1961-2011

It's a Hockey Night in Pittsburgh! She was an ugly old broad, but there'll never be another like the ol' Igloo!

Inktober sketch for Opening Night, 10/9!

Plus, a bonus Batman!


The Golden Age Flash

When I was a kid, those goofy-ass golden age versions of familiar characters were about the most exciting thing in comics...especially Green Lantern and the Flash!

Inktober post for 10/8


Ultra Boy

Ultra Boy was never really one of my favorite Legionnaires, but that all changed once they toughened him up during the "Five Years Later..." run.

Inktober post for 10/7


Gerrit Cole

Pittsburgh Pirates ace Gerrit Cole (more or less). Man, I miss Buctober already!

Inktober post for 10/6


Kirby Swipe

...from an issue of Mr. Miracle.

Inktober post for 10/4


Beach House

This is the house I stayed in with the fam and some friends last August in Avon, NC.

Inktober post for 10/3


There are two kinds of Steelers fans: Those who love the "bumblebee" throwbacks, and those who are WRONG.


Random Hab

As near as I can tell, Inktober is a project created by Jake Parker to challenge himself and other artists to create an inked image each day, all month long. I'm not promising anything, but I'm gonna try and keep up!

You can also follow my progress on Instagram (atombombbikini) and Twitter (@RobUllman)!