Who Should I Draw?

Heroes Con is next weekend, and, like last year, I'll be donating a drawing to be auctioned off at the show. This year's theme is the Man of Steel, and my question to my readers is, which member of the Superverse should I draw? I've got a poll running over at the Lurid forum, and the choices are:

  • Supergirl
  • Lori Lemaris
  • Power Girl
  • Lashina (of the Female Furies)
  • Superman

  • Please make your voice heard, and let me know which of these you'd like to see...of course, these are just my initial ideas, so if you feel like you've got a better suggestion, please share! I'll probably take opinions for the next couple days or so, and start the drawing on Sunday. And thanks in advance for your input!

    EDIT: 6/28
    Supergirl's the winner!


    ExistingThing said...

    My vote is for Power Girl.

    Just because Supergirl gets all the attention...

    d-lee said...

    My write-in vote is Cam Ward.