Hey, I've started a new blog!

It's called Cups and Cakes (as in Stanley and Cheese), and it's designed as a place to put all my sports-obsessed ranting, which I'm sure the regular readers of this blog find tedious at best, infuriating at worst. I actually started it waaay back in September, but the big launch I had planned never quite panned out, so I've more or less ignored it since then.

Still, as I'm sure not everyone cares to hear my incredibly negative, profane rantings about the Stanley Cup Playoffs, I've decided to dust it off and begin hiding said rantings over there. I've also re-posted my last couple of prediction posts over there, just so it isn't quite so barren, and will continue to cross-post my uni-girls and other sports themed pieces as well, in addition to random thoughts about the Penguins, Steelers or whoever.

Cups and Cakes

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David Hagen said...

Pens didn't play all that well last night and still won. Don't slit your wrists yet!!! I want to order one of your books!