Dejah Thoris, and 600 posts

I've been working on this illo here and there since Frank Frazetta left this mortal coil over a month ago...hard to think of Dejah Thoris, Princess of mars, without thinking about The Master. (Also, hard to believe it took me this long to do a drawing of Dejah Thoris!)

Also, this marks my 600th post on Atom-Bomb Bikini! Not a bad run, but I always feel like I should be posting more frequently...maybe I'll try the old post-a-day gimmick in July!


Alonzo the Armless said...

That is Dejah Glorius!

Don't beat yourself up so much about your posting. You're still far more prolific than most of us.

Still, a drawing a day from you is always welcome.

Matt said...

I remember being, like, 10 or 12 years old sneaking peeks at these Frazetta art books that belonged to my dad. His artwork inspired a lot of us to pick up a pencil and your piece is a tremendous tribute. Love it!!!

Mark said...

I gotta ask - is this piece for sale, or going to go on sale?

James Anderson said...

Congrats on 600! Those John Carter of Mars books were some of my favorites. Great drawing!

EZ Goodnight said...

I'd stare upon her countenance any old day.

Dominic Bugatto said...

NIce one, you looking forward to the Pixar John Carter film?

Should be interesting.